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We know how young people’s feet grow quickly and the cost of new boots can be large. Torquespeed FC have our very own Boot Exchange to help with those issues.

How it works:

Exchange your pair of football boots or football trainers for a bigger size. Trainers for boots, or boots for trainers. Need a smaller size? You can do that too.

We run this exchange for parents who are fed up with paying expensive prices for football boots and trainers and for people who would prefer to recycle footwear rather than throw them away.

There are also people who like to have worn-in boots and trainers to stop those “brand-new” blisters!

We run the Boot Exchange not for profit. Income that is generated will be contributed to the cost of running our club, it’s website and with any surplus money being used to buy new equipment and kit for the club. 

We really do need financial donations to keep us running.

We will never stock a pair of boots at more than £20. All exchanged or donated boots must be of a good, wearable quality. Boots that YOU would be happy to wear.

You can also choose to simply donate your unwanted boots, rather than exchange. If you do donate, you will not receive any money for donations but your contribution will be very much appreciated.

Our Boot Exchange will be available at Training.

Please contact us if you have any donations, or via our Facebook page.

Thank you for your support

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