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Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials:

All Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials sign the FA’s Code of Conduct at the start of each season. In addition, all Coaches are required to have an in-date, accepted FA DBS before coaching. This is part of our Safe Recruitment Policy whereby coaches are also required to attend an interview with the committee. An alleged breach of our Code of Conduct will result in the individual/s being approached by the club to explain their actions. In addition, further sanctions may follow depending on severity


At the start of each season, every player at the club is asked to sign our Club Code of Conduct. This will have been provided with registration forms. As a club, we pride ourselves on being respectful to all our opponents and we would ask our players to be aware of this either whilst playing or on social media.

Spectators, Parents, Guardians and Carers:

At the start of the season, we ask a Parent, Guardian or Carer of every child at the club to sign our Code of Conduct. The FA Code of Conduct is the picture on the right. As a club, we want to provide the best possible environment for your child to have fun and learn. To do this, we need your help and to follow the expectations listed of Spectators, Parents, Guardians and Carers. You will find a designated spectator RESPECT barrier alongside the pitch at all youth games which you are required to stand behind. We will also be working with Essex County Football Association to provide a spectator workshop once a season. This is something the club will require at least one adult from each household to attend. 



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  • Chair – Neal Francis

  • Deputy Chair - Simon Moore

  • Child Welfare Officer - Angie Owen

  • Deputy Child Welfare Officer - Shane Waughman

  • Club & Fixture Secretary - Donald Glasson

  • Treasurer – Les Powell

  • Kit & Equipment Managers - Sean Maisonaive, Dean Evans

  • Press & Communications Officer - Neal Francis

  • Fundraising Committee - Kayla Glasson (Lead), Simon Moore, Angie Owen, Tina Reynolds


   Team Structure
  • Age 4-6 Dynamos – Donald Glasson (Manager), Luke Calvert (Coach), Jack Bailey (Coach)

  • U7 Vipers - Donald Glasson (Manager)

  • U8 Tigers – Sean Maisonaive (Manager), Ross Jones (Asst. Manager), Greg Harriot (Asst Manager)

  • U8 Lions – Dean Evans (Manager), Gavin Portway-Fleet (Asst Manager)

  • U10 Leopards – Neal Francis (Manager), Simon Moore (Asst Manager)

  • U10 Jaguars - Matt Avent (Manager), Gabriel Babciuc (Asst Manager)

  • U12 Hawks – Shane Waughman (Manager), Richard Reynolds (Asst Manager)

  • U13 Lionesses – Gary Grovesnor (Manager), Kayla Glasson (Asst Manager), Matthew Owen (Asst Manager)


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Our club needs you!

We rely on our volunteers to continue to operate. If you can help us in anyway, there is always something you can do to support us.

Please email the club or get in touch via our Facebook page.

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